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To see or not to see.

How to really clean your glasses.

Sometimes that old cleaning cloth is just not enough.
Put your specs into a solution of warm (not hot) water and dishwashing liquid and give them a good rub then rinse. Dry with a clean microfibre cloth. You can also bring them to us and we will give them a proper ultrasonic bath.
Ps. Pop that cleaning cloth in the washing machine (or hand wash) every few weeks.

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Here’s what a magpie did to one of our patients.

  • The bird struck the front of the eye, scraping the surface and causing a lot of pain.

    Swooping magpies are a very real part of life in Canberra so take care out there.

  • Here are a few handy tips to protect yourself from magpies:
  • -Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your head and eyes.
  • -Avoid the ‘defence zones’ around their nests – take an alternative route whenever possible.
  • -Pay attention to warning signs around your area.
  • -Use an umbrella to shield yourself from swooping magpies.
  • -Dismount off your bike and walk rather than ride past magpies.

  • (And if your eye is injured by a magpie, it’s best we see you immediately. There’s no need for an appointment.)
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    How to reduce glare through polarised lenses

    We have a simple solution to reducing glare.

    A pair of good quality polarised sunglasses not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays
    but they also help remove that layer of annoying glare that is reflected off shiny or smooth surfaces.
    The road becomes a safer place, the colours are enhanced and become more vivid, and your eyes more relaxed.
    And if you’re out fishing, there’s an added bonus – the polarised lens allows you to spot fish below the water surface.
    Come and see us for a demonstration.

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    It’s a pea souper out there.

    How to minimise fog on your glasses.

    Often we can do a simple adjustment to move your frame away from your face and allow more airflow over the lenses to solve the problem.
    But sometimes an anti-fog lens cleaner will work much better.
    And if you are ordering new glasses, a specialised multi-coat with anti-fog can be applied to your lenses at the time of manufacture.
    Unfortunately, it can’t be done after the lenses have be made for you.
    Come and talk to us about your options.

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