July 27, 2020 James Simpson


Correct your vision while you sleep


Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) is a safe, non-surgical form of vision correction.

By wearing specialised rigid contact lenses while you sleep,  you’ll wake up with clear vision, and won’t need to wear spectacles or daytime contact lenses. 

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Ortho-K is most often prescribed to control myopia in children but adults and children can wear the lenses to correct short-sightedness (myopia), but can also be used to correct long-sightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and in some cases the need for reading glasses in middle-age (presbyopia).


Benefits of Ortho-K

  • Bestows the freedom to enjoy clear vision without needing to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses for work, school, sport and other activities.
  • Helps to slow the progression of myopia in children by about 50 per cent.
  • Is ideal for soft contact lens wearers who suffer from dry eye.
  • Is a non-invasive alternative to laser corrective surgery.


How does Ortho-K work?

Ortho-K is a type of rigid, gas-permeable contact lens that has been meticulously designed and shaped to suit the wearer’s cornea. While the lens is on the cornea under closed lids, it works with the tear layer to apply a gentle pressure that re-moulds the cornea, and the wearer can enjoy clear vision after removing the lenses in the morning, with the effect lasting over 24 hours.

For the best results, the lens should be worn every night during regular sleep for at least 8 hours. Most treatments take one to two weeks to fully stabilise, with some people noticing a significant improvement in their vision after only one night of wear.


Ortho-K is safe, the lenses are comfortable to wear and the process is completely reversible. If the lens is not worn for 48 to 72 hours, the cornea gradually returns to its natural shape and the visual benefit fades.

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