July 16, 2020 James Simpson
Blepharitis Optimel anti-inflammatory lower lid

How to use Optimel Gel

  • Wash your face with warm water, then dry your face as per usual.
  • Hold the tube of Optimel Gel with the nozzle pointing downwards and gently squeeze until a bead of honey appears at the end of the nozzle.Size of bead of honey on cotton tip
  • Touch the bead of honey with the top of a clean cotton tip to release the honey from the nozzle.
  • Look at your eye in a mirror and place your first finger on your lower lid to roll the lower eyelid forward.
    Blepharitis Optimel anti-inflammatory lower lid

    Wipe the Optimel honey along the flat area indicated by the green arrows.

  • Use the cotton tip to spread the honey over the margin of the lower eyelid– the margin is the flat area just above the lashes and not inside the lid shown by the arrows in the main image.
  • Run the cotton tip from side to side along the entire eyelid margin. Do this twice to spread out the honey.
  • Release the lower lid and shut your eyelids tightly. This spreads the honey to the upper lid and opens the ducts of the glands that we’re trying to clear.
  • Warning: the honey stings so keep a tissue ready to dab away the tears; the sting clears quickly.
  • Leave the honey on the eyelids, there’s no need to wipe it off.
  • We find it’s best to do this twice a day: usually first thing in the morning and just before retiring to bed.