Swooping magpies!


Here’s what a magpie did to one of our patients.

  • The bird struck the front of the eye, scraping the surface and causing a lot of pain.

    Swooping magpies are a very real part of life in Canberra so take care out there.

  • Here are a few handy tips to protect yourself from magpies:
  • -Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your head and eyes.
  • -Avoid the ‘defence zones’ around their nests – take an alternative route whenever possible.
  • -Pay attention to warning signs around your area.
  • -Use an umbrella to shield yourself from swooping magpies.
  • -Dismount off your bike and walk rather than ride past magpies.

  • (And if your eye is injured by a magpie, it’s best we see you immediately. There’s no need for an appointment.)

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